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20 Apr 2010 IPDM: Inter-Point Distance Matrix An efficient and accurate Inter-Point Distance Matrix Author: John D'Errico

Thank you for this tool. I made few small performance tweaks to input parsing, these should make ipdm more efficient when running multiple times with small datasets:

Near line 292: changed ~ismember... check to:
if ~any(strcmpi({'all','nearestneighbor','farthestneighbor'},params.Subset)) && ...

Near line 326: again changed ~ismember... to:
elseif (length(params.Metric)~=1) || ~any(params.Metric==[0 1 2 inf])

In function 'parse_pv_pairs': changed last portion of the code to:
% there was at least one pv pair. process any supplied
propnames = fieldnames(params);
for i=1:n
p_i = pv_pairs{2*i-1};
v_i = pv_pairs{2*i};

ind = find(strcmpi(propnames,p_i));
if isempty(ind)
ind = find(strncmpi(p_i,propnames,length(p_i)));
if isempty(ind)
error(['No matching property found for: ',p_i])
elseif length(ind)>1
error(['Ambiguous property name: ',p_i])

% override the corresponding default in params.
% Use setfield for comptability issues with older releases.
params.(propnames{ind}) = v_i;

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