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Researcher and Director of Data Science at PatientsLikeMe.com; MATLAB evangelist.


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14 Feb 2011 Screenshot Low-budget Valentine for MATLAB nerds Too busy or cheap to buy a valentine? This code is for you! Author: the cyclist valentine, fun 5 1
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21 Apr 2014 Floating number conversion to binary and vice-versa Converts a fractional value to binary and vice versa Author: Gordon Amoako

I'm confused. The output of d2b(5.9) is 101.9.

31 Jul 2013 Variable Precision Integer Arithmetic Arithmetic with integers of fully arbitrary size. Arrays and vectors of vpi numbers are supported. Author: John D'Errico

Great submission. I use it rarely, but it is a life-saver when I need it.

I did find one foible, I believe. Your totient function outputs totient(1) as 0, but both the Wikipedia page you cite and the Sloane Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (http://oeis.org/A000010) say that totient(1) = 1.

04 Dec 2012 venn Plot 2- or 3- circle area-proportional Venn diagram Author: Darik

Great function. Seems to work just as advertised (in my limited trial). However, the areas don't look quite circular to me, whether or not I apply "axis square" after running venn.

Is that expected? I am using R2012b.

07 Aug 2012 Neural network simple programs for beginners Simple programs demonstrating Artificial network using Matlab . Author: Sayed Abulhasan Quadri

I encountered the same error as you did, Ralph. My guess is that this submission requires the Neural Network Toolbox. If so, that should have been noted in the submission.

02 Aug 2012 xlwrite : Export Data to Excel from Matlab on Mac/Win xlwrite allows you to export data (2d/3d arrays of double/cell) to Excel from Matlab (Mac/Win) Author: Marin Deresco

This is an exciting submission, as it is an ongoing frustration that xlswrite doesn't function fully on a Mac.

xlwrite doesn't seem to have the ability to write to specific cells on a worksheet, as xlswrite does. Is that something you are planning to add, or is there some fundamental impediment to doing that? It would be a powerful addition.

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14 Feb 2011 Low-budget Valentine for MATLAB nerds Too busy or cheap to buy a valentine? This code is for you! Author: the cyclist Sean de

Wish I'd known about this before I bought those flowers...

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