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05 Mar 2010 TPROD -- arbitary tensor products between n-d arrays TPROD -- efficiently allows any type of tensor product between 2 multi-dimensional arrays Author: Jason Farquhar

How is the speed of this code, in comparison to unfolding the tensors manually into matrix-vector form, and then doing the multiplication with matlab ?

23 Jul 2009 Probability and Random Processes using Matlab Companion Software Author: Donald Childers

*The last response got cut off, so here it is again*

A description of what this software does would help.

Also, it's hard to figure out what's going on once you extract all
thousand or so files in the package.

The Name of the package could be MUCH more descriptive. You
made it seem like this was for calculating probabilities. Now that I
downloaded it, it don't know what the heck it's for... I just know I
don't have the time to figure it out.

1 star...I'd give 0 if possible.

13 Jul 2009 N_PERMUTE_K All possible permutations of the elements of set N, taken K at a time, with repetition. Author: Matt Fig

Does this not work for large arrays ??

>> nuc='ABCD';
>> clear('R');n=1;R=zeros(4^n,n);R=nuc(npermutek(1:n,n));
>> clear('R');n=2;R=zeros(4^n,n);R=nuc(npermutek(1:n,n));
>> clear('R');n=3;R=zeros(4^n,n);R=nuc(npermutek(1:n,n));
>> clear('R');n=4;R=zeros(4^n,n);R=nuc(npermutek(1:n,n));
>> clear('R');n=5;R=zeros(4^n,n);R=nuc(npermutek(1:n,n));
??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

I'm not entirely sure where the index is exceeding matrix dimensions.... if only matlab was more specific with error listings.
But maybe this is only happening on my machine... can someone try and let me know ???

13 Jul 2009 logb Calculate the log of a number/matrix using a user-specified base. Author: Brett Shoelson

Does the latest version of matlab still not have this ???
As far as I understand, running a funciton like this is slower than if matlab had an internal function, since the internal funciton would be compiled into machine code ??

13 Jun 2009 Numerical derivative of analytic function Calculate the numerical derivative of an analytic function with different methods. Author: Daniel Ennis

I'm looking for a package that approximates derivatives for NUMERICALLY defined functions (not analytic) ..

I have two arrays:
x=0:0.5:10 , and fun= a vector that defines my function at each of those values of x.

Now I want the derivative of fun with respect to x at each value of x.

Does such a package exist ??

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