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25 Apr 2010 Matlab Offscreen Rendering Toolbox Project 3D mesh onto image using off screen OpenGL rendering, determine face color, visibilty, etc. Author: Tianli Yu

The code compiles successfully after providing a couple of dlls in the same directory as the code. But MATLAB crashes while trying to execute the code with the sample data provided. Need a more stabilized version that is independent of the platform.

24 Feb 2010 EM_MVGM Fast implementation of EM algorithm for multivariate gaussian mixture Author: Sebastien PARIS

Works like charm after running the mex compilation code and the test program included. Will post more comments after checking the correctness of the program.

09 Feb 2010 EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture model EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture. Works on arbitray dimensions with high speed and precision. Author: Mo Chen

Produces the following error with the above steps.

label = emgmm(x,3);
??? Error: File: emgmm.m Line: 21 Column: 7
Expression or statement is incorrect--possibly unbalanced (, {, or [.

10 Jun 2009 Model3d MATLAB class for reading, viewing 3D dxf and 3ds files. Author: Steven Michael

The code produced a model3d object, but was not able to plot it as it gave an error saying that the alpha value must be within 0 and 1.
A sample 3ds file that worked for the author could have been better to evaluate the functioning of this code.
A better readme would have been nice.

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