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24 Jun 2009 Close all figures except those listed Close all figures except those listed by the user. Author: Karl

Thanks for the improvement, Thierry! The 'cellfun(@fcn, ...)' method, though elegant, unfortunately doesn't work on Matlab 6.x (which some of us still have to use. Sigh.)

06 Jun 2009 Surface Fitting using gridfit Model 2-d surfaces from scattered data Author: John D'Errico

This is spectacular. I hope the Mathworks is paying you some sort of royalty for your efforts!

04 Jun 2009 cprintf - display formatted colored text in the Command Window Displays sprintf-formatted strings in the Command Window using the specified color/underline style Author: Yair Altman

This is great! I wish Matlab documented its Java innards better. Anyway, there seems to be another small bug.

fprintf('Here: ')
cprintf('blue', 'Blue\n');

results in a blue underscore followed by the word 'Blue' in white (invisible on white background of my command window - but shows up when highlighted).

However, the same code as above, only using '-blue' instead of 'blue', works fine (gives the expected underlined blue text).

I'm using Matlab 2007b on a Linux box.

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