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13 Aug 2010 fit_ellipse Find the best fit for an ellipse using a given set of points (a closed contour). Author: Ohad Gal

Thanks a lot!! nice work!

24 Feb 2010 Hilbert-Huang Transform This submission is a realization of the Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT). Author: Alan Tan

The 1st two plots are the plots of 2 imfs with highest engery content. However, according to the theory, all imfs (and hence their frqs) are plotted with respect to time. I did "hold on" and have plotted time-freq distribution for all the imfs. the plot looks kind of crowded but still gives enough information. However i still hav following questions,

1. in hilbert spectrum, in 3D plot, vertical axis amplitude is function of time. but u have obtained a single value of energy for each imf. but actually it should have been function of time.Am i right?

2. How should I get Spactrogram type of plot?

04 Jun 2009 HOSA - Higher Order Spectral Analysis Toolbox Spectral and polyspectral analysis, and time-frequency distributions. Author: Ananthram Swami

I have tried WIG2.m function on a times series on 28800 samples (288 sec signal sampled at 100Hz) but function doesnt seem to handle this big signal. However, I have also tried it on chunks of this signal but it takes forever to complete. Is it my computer or the program itself? any help?

04 Jun 2009 adaptive time frequency analysis A time frequency analysis programm and a matlab UI Author: Deming Zhang

I have tried using this application for a time series of 250 secs long (sampled at 100 Hz) but the application crashed Matlab. Is it the limitation of my computer or its the program? I have tried other TFA alorithms buy nothin seems to handle this long data.. it takes forever...any help us appreciated!

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