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Daniel Golden

Stanford University
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13 Dec 2014 ParforProgress class Matlab class to track iterations within a parfor loop Author: Daniel Golden parfor 11 0
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21 Jul 2014 Circle fit Fit a circle to a set of measured x,y points. Author: Izhak Bucher

08 Jul 2014 View Class Inheritance Hierarchy View inheritance hierarchy of a Matlab OO project Author: Matt Dunham

Broken in Matlab 2014b (preview). I updated the code to ignore class parents that begin with "matlab."; see https://gist.github.com/drdan14/49bb6eade8540aecf7d9

24 Sep 2013 polymorph Morphs two polygons Author: Mike Sheppard

Works perfectly. Excellent work!

09 May 2013 mask2poly Finds a polygon enclosing the user defined mask. Inverse of poly2mask :). Author: Nikolay S.

This is a great idea for a function, but it unfortunately fails in some cases. Matlab has a more robust method built in: bwboundaries.

28 Jan 2013 Structure display simple recursive display of a structure content in Matlab Author: Thomas Deneux

Does just what I wanted

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