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27 May 2010 freezeColors / unfreezeColors Use multiple colormaps per figure! Version 2, now works for many types of objects, not only images. Author: John Iversen

Just what I need. Thank you!

02 Sep 2009 Toolbox Fast Marching A toolbox for the computation of the Fast Marching algorithm in 2D and 3D. Author: Gabriel Peyre

The idea is great, keep on going! The code still needs some improvement though (bug fixing).
I used it for 2D fast marching, but found that matlab bwdist performs way faster, even if I truncate the region to calculate.

27 Aug 2009 Accurate Fast Marching Multistencils second order Fast Marching 2D and 3D including rk4 shortest path and skeletonize Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Nice submission, works perfectly, and well commented. Thank you!
One thing I was wondering:
Is it possible to give a maximum distance to compute, and not fill the entire image with correct distances? In my problem that would speed up computation considerably.

Furthermore, I deleted the line
if(itt==652221) { printf("569 \n"); }
in msfm2d.c as it put my command window full with 569s.

01 Jul 2009 error_ellipse Plot an error ellipse depicting confidence interval given a covariance matrix. Author: AJ Johnson

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