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13 Jun 2009 MATLAB R-link Functions for calling the statistical package R from within MATLAB. Author: Robert Henson

Overall, it seems like this will add a great deal of versatility to Matlab. Unfortunately, the documentation is very succinct and I am having difficulty getting even basic statistical tests to give me an output in Matlab.

% Running a simple K-S test to determine whether two samples have the same distribution
a = rand (100,1); % creating a random signal
i = pi/100 :pi/100: pi;
b = (sin (i))' + a; % creating second signal

% Putting both signals into R

% Running ks.test in R and retrieving the output
evalR ('output <- ks.test(x, y)')
getRdata ('output')


I can run this code in R and get the output from the statistical test. However, when I try to get the R data (getRdata), Matlab give me the following error message:

Error using ==> getRdata at 47 Could not get output.
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception: There is no connection for this connection ID

Any suggestions on how to get the output into Matlab.


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