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Andrew McGillis

Baird & Associates
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03 Jun 2011 wgs2utm (version 2) Convert WGS84 coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) into UTM coordinates (northing, easting). Author: Alexandre Schimel

Thanks for the tip - I will use that when needed.

07 May 2010 getTile Get tiles from nearmap or google and returns a single composite image Author: Nick Mortimer

I found getTile.m worked well for nearmap images, but it didn't work with google images.

19 Feb 2010 World Tides GUI-based program for tidal analysis and prediction using up to 35 tidal harmonic constituents. Author: John Boon

A very slick application. Well developed. One problem with it though is that for analysis you can only read in *.xls files... This limits you to 65536 hourly records, which is not enough for proper tidal analysis (need ~19 years). Would be preferred if you could pull variables from the workspace, then you could perform the tidal analysis using a longer time series of data. Well put-together though, and very user-friendly.

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