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01 Jun 2010 VCAPG2 VCAPG2 is DirectShow based video capture DLL that support various types of video capture cards. Author: Kazuyuki Kobayashi

I'm new to this subject. I want to make the trajectory of an object using vcapg2 Matlab. I have the following code:

centros = [];
video = vcapg2(1);
%%% Matrix of RGB color to find
colors = [255 138 139];
R = colors(1);
G = colors(2);
B = colors(3);

%%% Umbral
tr = 30;

dif = (abs(I(:,:,1)-R)<tr)&(abs(I(:,:,2)-G)<tr)&(abs(I(:,:,3)-B)<tr);

I get the following error:

??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> proyecto at 22
diferencia = (abs(I(:,:,1)-R)<tr)&(abs(I(:,:,2)-G)<tr)&(abs(I(:,:,3)-B)<tr);

I guess that's why the video format of my variable. Could you help me in my error?


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