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Adina Stoica

Washington University

Personal Profile:

I am currently an M.S. student in Computer Science looking for an entry level Software Developer position. Contact me if you have a job for me! Website: research.engineering.wustl.edu/~adina.stoica

Professional Interests:
Computer Vision, Software Engineering


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24 Apr 2014 Screenshot adinutzyc21/BundlerToMatlab Converts a Bundler model to Matlab Author: Adina Stoica structure from motion, bundler, 3d model 7 0
07 Apr 2014 Screenshot Image mosaicing Create a mosaic of two images Author: Adina Stoica stitching, mosaicing, panorama, computer vision 82 2
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3.0 | 2 ratings
07 Apr 2014 Screenshot Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior Implementation of the paper Author: Adina Stoica haze, hazeremoval, darkchannel, computer vision, cvpr 103 0
28 Mar 2014 Screenshot Draw in a Cardinal Coordinate System Makes a plot centered at the origin, where the axes correspond to cardinal directions Author: Adina Stoica cardinal directions, axes, coordinate system 17 0
28 Mar 2014 Screenshot Draw Camera View Draw the 3D frustum of a camera with an image in it Author: Adina Stoica frustum, 3d view, camera view 21 0
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13 Apr 2011 grTheory - Graph Theory Toolbox 28 functions for different tasks of graph theory Author: Sergii Iglin

Hi! I am trying to run grTheoryTest for isomorphism (case 12) but it's looking for the function or method psimilar. I googled for the file psimilar.m as well as search this site for it. Help? Please? Pretty please, I need this to work in a week :(
Also, do you know how to do subgraphs? Apart from doing a for while removing and adding various vertices?

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05 Oct 2014 Image mosaicing Create a mosaic of two images Author: Adina Stoica uma mahessh

can you guide me how to run the file. i am new to to matlab.

05 Sep 2014 Image mosaicing Create a mosaic of two images Author: Adina Stoica MK, Mona

Works perfect! You just need to install this toolbox which she also mentioned in her project description:


04 Sep 2014 Perspective projection Perspective projection of 3D line onto plane Author: Adina Stoica Arso

test file? input format?

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