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08 Jul 2009 Maximum(minimum) Weight Spanning Tree ( Directed ) For learning "Directed Maximum Spanning Tree", Chu-Liu/Edmonds Algorithm is implemented here. Author: Guangdi Li

Thanks for the spanning tree code. I tried to run all individual file but wasn't able to run can u tell me which file should i run.
When I run controlcenter file this msg came, can u tell me how to fix it. thank you so much....
??? Undefined command/function 'conncomp'.

Error in ==> DirectedMaximumSpanningTree at 28
[ CNumber, Component ] = conncomp( biograph( TreeMatric ),'Weak', true );

Error in ==> ControlCenter at 12
[MaxTree1,MaxCost1] = DirectedMaximumSpanningTree( CostMatric,Root )

08 Jul 2009 Maximum Weight Spanning tree (Undirected) Chu-Liu-Edmonds Algorithm for learning "Undirected Maximum Weight Spanning tree" is proposed here. Author: Guangdi Li

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