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Seeking to improve my ability to model systems in Simulink/Simscape. Use Matlab for statistics and time series analysis. Fan of community-based learning like Matlab Answers; appreciate the help I've gotten here.


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10 Oct 2013 Patchline Visualize lines as patch objects. Specify any valid patch property, including transparency. Author: Brett Shoelson

When you need a semi-transparent line, this will do it.

30 Jan 2013 grep: a pedestrian, very fast grep utility a unix-like, very fast grep utility to find strings(s) in files of any type Author: us

Useful, thanks

10 Jan 2013 Histogram distances Implementation of some commonly used histogram distances (compatible with the pdist interface) Author: Boris Schauerte

Do you need the Statistics Toolbox for these codes?

07 Jan 2013 tightfig Remove excess margins from figures. Author: Richard Crozier

Perfect. Very useful if you are using the Windows clipboard to copy figures into Word and need to trim off the excess whitespace beforehand.

12 Oct 2012 InsertHeader Inserts a user defined header in the m file currently open in editor Author: Dan K

Dan - Works great even in R2012b! Thanks for the update.

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