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09 Nov 2011 Screenshot Convert Text to an Image (Updated) Other_MEM_Text2Im converts a passed string, color, width, & height to a colored image. Author: Mohammed El-Said image processing 14 0
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09 Nov 2011 txt2English Takes text message language and converts to English. Author: Sean de

Nice Work :)

09 Jul 2011 DRAGZOOM - Drag and zoom tool DRAGZOOM allows you to handy interactively manage the axes in figure. Author: Evgeny Pr

25 Mar 2011 zoom2cursor Dynamic, scalable zoom following the motion of the cursor; also displays the current position. Author: Brett Shoelson

Great work,
it is really useful,
Thanks for Sharing...

25 Mar 2011 Ascii Image With all printabe ASCII characters. Author: Nasar Ahmad

Very Nice Program.

13 Feb 2011 fit_ellipse Find the best fit for an ellipse using a given set of points (a closed contour). Author: Ohad Gal

Works Great,
Thanks for sharing...

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