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25 Jun 2013 A PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL MODEL IN MATLAB/SIMULINK A circuit based simulation model for a PV cell for estimating the IV and PV characteristic curves. Author: Shivananda Pukh

Very good model.
If someone doesn't has SimElectronics all components but the "PV Panel" Submodel can be deleted as the "PV Panel" can run without SimElectronics.

@Mr Pukhrem:
In my opinion there is a small error
that has to be fixed in the submodel.
The "Reversed Saturation Current at Top Eqn" must use Tref instead of Top.
Because the Equation is Irs = Isc/(exp(q*Voc/(K*N*T_ref))-1);
At least this is written in "Insolation-oriented model of photovoltaic module using Matlab/Simulink" from Huan-Liang Tsai.
I fixed this in my model an the simulation result compared to the datasheet (of a Shell S36 solar cell) improved a lot.

Ki: Temperature coefficient of short-circuit current [A/°K];
KV: Temperature coefficient of open-circuit voltage [V/°K]
But KV is not used in the model (As far as I have seen it), even though it is defined in the submodel, so you can ignore it.

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