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Jon Sporring

University of Copenhagen

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03 Aug 2009 geom3d Library to handle 3D geometric primitives: create, intersect, display, and make basic computations Author: David Legland

This package aims at solving visualization problems, I often have. However, I have not been able to I'm trying to use this package, but experiencing a number of problems:

1. How are the colors controlled of the objects drawn?
2. I want to draw cylindrical representation of arrows, since quiver3 together with drawPlane does not work well, possibly due to lack of control of drawing order. Instead I want to draw thick arrows, and I'm using drawCylinder.m. However, in line 89 is used the non-existing function local2Global.m. It appears to be replaceable by localToGlobal3d, if localToGlobal3d line 29 is replaced with "center = varargin{1};".

For suggestions to corrections, etc. what is the best procedure?

Thanks, Jon

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