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02 Jun 2010 roundoff Rounds a number (scalar, matrix or vector) to a specified number of decimal places Author: Glenn Gomes

16 Oct 2009 SLM - Shape Language Modeling Least squares spline modeling using shape primitives Author: John D'Errico

I think that this kind of toolbox is great idea and I am doing some tests over this file. I have very specific data points and while doing my experiments I've tried to use 'knots', 'free' option but I get this warning message:

Warning: Options LargeScale = 'off' and Algorithm = 'trust-region-reflective' conflict.
Ignoring Algorithm and running active-set method. To run trust-region-reflective, set
LargeScale = 'on'. To run active-set without this warning, use Algorithm = 'active-set'.

I've tried to add this row
>>fminconoptions.Algorithm = 'Active-set';
in your slmengine.m code but it doesn't work.

Thanks for shearing this!
Best wishes

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