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Claudio Pedrazzi

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Ultralight flying, photography


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27 Jan 2010 Rainflow Counting Algorithm Very fast rainflow cycle counting for MATLAB Author: Adam Nieslony

First of all, let me compliment for this excellent piece of software!!

The ASTM standard E 1049 -85 (2005) defines two distinct rainflow algorithms:
A) 5.4.4 "Rainflow counting" (that produces half-cycles)
B) 5.4.5 "Simplified rainflow counting for repeating histories" (that never produces half-cycles)

this is probably the answer to questions like the one of Ray Beale. Now I am interested in the "B" method, and I am asking the author: which algorithm is implemented here? my guess is the "A" method, with half cycles.
Second question: is there some hope to extend this function to be able to compute, optionalyy, also the B way?
If necessary I would be glad to provide more info (namely the text of the ASTM standard).
Best regards and thaks a lot for sharing!

15 Jan 2010 Polar 2 An update to Matlabs built-in polar.m Author: Daniel Armyr

I was looking exactly for this! It is strange that the "polar" function supplied by MATLAB does not provide the facility to set the axis limits. Thanks a lot!

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