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06 Apr 2011 Screenshot SimMechanics STL file importer MATLAB code that automatically creates SimMechanics blocks from text-based STL files. Author: Jean-Baptiste Lanfrey simmechanics, stl, stereolithographic, google sketchup, cad, physical modeling 20 0
31 Jan 2011 Screenshot Simscape Language Equations, Pretty Print MATLAB code for displaying Simscape language equations in a format that is easy to read. Author: Jean-Baptiste Lanfrey simscape, simscape language, latex, physical modeling 9 0
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02 May 2014 XMLNode MATLAB class that allows you to use XPath to navigate and extract data from an XML document. Author: Jarrod Rivituso

I was able to parse a big xml file in no time. No loop involved, just a few lines of code.
This is brilliant!

27 Jun 2013 AutoSizeOnConnect Automatically resizes the number of ports on a block for automatic connection. Author: Mike Anthony

Congrats! it's awesome.

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