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26 Jul 2014 DM3 Import for Gatan Digital Micrograph Imports Gatan .DM3 format files with tags (images, spectra, & spectral images) into a MATLAB struct. Author: Robert McLeod

I'd love for this to import spectra from monochromators. It almost accomplishes this, but misses key parameters for starting frequency, etc. (let alone the other available fields such as grating, dwell time etc.) I can send example .dm3 files if that would be helpful/interesting. Thanks again for the submission!

23 Jun 2014 Save Multiple Figures in a click Save multiple figures with a GUI in several formats. No need to save all figures one-by-one anymore! Author: Nicolas Beuchat

Great gui! It appears eps is saved in black and white? Is there a way to change that? Thanks!!

18 Feb 2014 Save Entire Command History Maintains a complete record of the command history (Matlab only maintains the last 20k worth ... Author: Jonathan Snell

Still works on R2013a A few notes for those who are trying this- if you have other commands that have altered startup.m (like ezyfit) you have to seek those out and ensure that you have merged the startup.m files to accomplish all the startup tasks required (for instance, ezyfit, as well as the preserve_history functions).

I found my altered startup.m file in my "userpath" - try that on the command line to see what yours is. Matlab suggests using this path for startup.m as well as other user mfiles necessary for your work for easy path inclusion.

Note that any other startup.m files that are higher up in the path (in the path dialog in matlab) will be executed first, and all subsequent startup.m files will be ignored.

Utilizing these files and matlab's own startupsav.m file (located in toolbox/local) I now have a program that launches from where I left off before and pre-loads any variables that I was working with from a default matlab.mat file in the directory that I was working in previously.

I love it! Thanks!!

12 Apr 2013 Langmuir probe data analysis code four parameters fitting of Langmuir I-V probe data Author: aasim Azooz

Appears to work in R2011b if you merely take the transpose of one of the input matrices (I transposed "I" for the example code). The fit function requires matching sizes, with them opposing each other, the code does not complete.

09 Apr 2013 Langmuir probe data analysis code four parameters fitting of Langmuir I-V probe data Author: aasim Azooz

Moving "end" to the end of the function, I get the following error for fitting:

??? Error using ==> nlinfit at 126
MODELFUN should return a vector of fitted values the same length as Y.

Error in ==> Analyze_Langmuir2 at 16

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