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22 Oct 2009 EzyFit 2.42 A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab Author: Frederic Moisy

Hi Frederic, well im sending you this mail because i have a problem with this tool, first of all say to you thanks for this tool i think that is really good, ok , so there are 2 problems:

1) i have a problem with the weight
In order to perform a weighted fit on this data, the vectors y and dy have to be merged into a 2-by-N matrix and given as the second input argument to ezfit. Compare the results for the usual and weighted fits:
fw = ezfit(x, [y;dy], 'exp');
f = ezfit(x, y, 'exp');
my problem is that when i do this (exactly the same) the data [y;dy] is from a different size than x, so obiously i get this error:

??? Error using ==> ezfit at 272
X and Y dimensions must agree.

if you can help me with this it would be great..

2)the other problem is that when i plot more than one fit for the same data, the plot just shows one legend that is pasted into the other legend, hahaha, so i just can see one of the 2 legends that should appear (showing me the different equations)...

ok, frederic sorry for asking you this questions but i really need to know this,

thanks very much,

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