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01 Oct 2009 deleteoutliers For input vector A, returns a vector B with outliers removed. Author: Brett Shoelson

Very good. I compared your results with the one from:
on my data and got the same results. Good work!

22 Sep 2009 HotellingT2 Hotelling T-Squared testing procedures for multivariate samples. Author: Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

I just checked one-sample (T2Hot1.m) using an example 13.3 from Armitage et al. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, ed. 4. The results are nearly the same, which is very good:
From book: T2=7.439, F=1.24 and P=0.39
From T2Hot1.m: T2=7.4315, F=1.2386 and P=0.3873

Very good job!

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