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01 Nov 2012 Mutual_Information && joint_entropy Takes two images and return the mutual information and joint entropy Author: Amir Pasha Mahmoudzadeh

25 Jan 2012 image segmentation based on Markov Random Fields I have written codes for image segmentation based on Markov Random Fields. Author: lin

17 Feb 2010 A simple min cut algorithm Find a minimal cut in a graph keeping a set of vertices together Author: Yohai Devir

could you please give some examples, then it is easy to understand the input of your code.... thx

08 Dec 2009 Non-Local Means Filter Non-Local Means Filter for image denoising Author: Jose Vicente Manjon-Herrera

Hi, Jose, I have 2 questions on the kernel.
1). Is it gaussian kernel which is mentioned in the paper of Buades. As far as i know, the one in your code is not gaussian.
2). why you take these two steps ?
average = average + wmax*input2(i1,j1);
sweight = sweight + wmax;

I cannot find any ground in the original paper, but it does make my algorithm oscillate less. could you give me some idea, why you make them ?

24 Nov 2009 kmeans image segmentation Application of kmeans clustering algorithm to segment a grey scale image on diferent classes. Author: Jose Vicente Manjon-Herrera


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