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27 Oct 2009 Split delimiter separated strings into a matrix Function to split a delimiter separated string into a matrix of doubles. Author: Gie Spaepen

The handling of the "no delimiter in string .." case is not necessary and results in an inconsistent interface that results in unnecessary checking of return values.
I would leave out the check on "size(idx) == 0" and initialize
tempsplit as follows tempsplit = {inpstr};

Thank you for posting this routine that in contrast to regexp(s,'\t','split') (since R2007b) works also on older Matlab versions.

06 Oct 2009 Circular Statistics Toolbox (Directional Statistics) Compute descriptive and inferential statistics for circular or directional data. Author: Philipp Berens

Good work! So far it helped me a lot. But there are some
errors arround!

1.) function circ_hktest

Line 55 found -> qm = zeros(p,1); qr = qm; qn = pm;
corrected? -> qm = zeros(p,1); qr = qm; qn = qm;

Line 94 found -> eff_2 = sum(qr.^2 ./ sum(cn,2)) - tr.^2/n;
corrected? -> eff_2 = sum(qr.^2 ./ sum(cn,1)') - tr.^2/n;

Line 107 found -> beta = 1/(1-1/(5*kk)-1/(10*(kk^2)));
comment -> beta overloads the beta function (help beta)
An other name like betaF should be used

Line 144 found -> F1 = beta * ms_1 / ms_r;
comment -> if inter is set to 0/false beta is not defined!

2.) function circ_std

The documentation in the paper

In CircStat , theangular deviation is computed as
and the circular standard deviation as

does not fit with neither - paper and Matlab Central - implementation.

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