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02 Apr 2012 Thin Plate Spline Network with Radiohead Example Thin plate splines can be used to interpolate nonuniform data, such as the Radiohead dataset, which Author: Travis Wiens

Very clean code

12 Dec 2011 Class Inheritance Browser A tool for managing and organizing classes, with a simple interface and (optional) tree diagram. Author: Clayton Ernst

It could be a nice utility but it doesn't work on my computer (I run R2011b). I receive the following error:

unkown error:
The specified super-class 'cooler' contains a parse error or cannot be found on MATLAB's search path, possibly shadowed by another file with the same name.
Class Inheritance Analyzer/Browser

I happen to know that 'cooler' is a package directory and not a super class. Following the program flow I ended up in the iTree class where some invalid meta.class instance caused an error.

I hope you can fix it, the screenshots do look promissing.

03 Dec 2011 SPLINEFIT Fit a spline to noisy data. Author: Jonas Lundgren

Outstanding work with the splinefit function, this is exactely what i have been looking for. Very clean code and good documentation including the published examples.
I also like the ppdiff and the ppint function, how they work seamlessly with the standard piecewise functions.

This one certainly deserves a five star rating, congrats on the job

06 Oct 2011 Smart PowerPoint Exporter Exports Matlab figures to PowerPoint. Fixes formatting directly in PowerPoint to allow easy editing. Author: Dmitriy Aronov

I have the same problem as Boris. When i run the following:
>> clear all, close all
>> [~]=peaks;view(2);
>> pptfigure(1);
??? Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception:
Source: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Description: ShapeRange.Item : Integer out of range. 2 is not in Index's valid range of 1 to 1.
Help File:
Help Context ID: 0

Error in ==> pptfigure at 926

Basically the same error but then with powerpoint 2010. It does however create a slide but the created object somehow appears to be totally blank.
If it worked properly I would certainly use this tool.

05 Oct 2010 STDATMO: Standard Atmosphere Function Gas properties at altitudes from N-dim input. Non-standard atmospheres capable. Many units supported Author: Sky Sartorius

very clean code with a good help. Haven't yet been able to check the correctness, but it seems OK. The code seems to be implemented way better than the "Complete 1976 Standard Atmosphere" implementation.
Great job

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