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19 Feb 2013 Rotate X-axis tick labels Rotate x-tick labels to any angle, preserving font settings and coping with resize, zoom, pan etc Author: Ben Tordoff

Very nice function!!

the imagesc() workaround would be to create a copy of the function e.g. 'rotateXLabelsIMGSC()' and change

'y = ylim(2);' to 'y = ylim(1);' in line 124
'y = ylim(1);' to 'y = ylim(2);' in line 126

..would be nicer to catch the imagesc()-case by an 'if' but I am not sure if there is a handle/handle-combination to do it...

22 Feb 2012 plot arrowhead Simple and SMALL code for arrowhead plot. Author: Ohad Gal

Small bug: arrow for 270 deg (e.g. [0,0] to [0,-1]): Arrow-head points wrong direction (upwards).

28 Dec 2011 Stochastic Subspace Realization A tool to identify a state space model from stochastic signals Author: Yi Cao

Dear Mr Cao,
I am dealing with 20 channels of 50 Hz acceleration data to perform system identification and extraction of modal parameters. I found your code very helpful!
A short question:
- during the for-loop (line 51 to 54 in the code) You fill the future- and past-Block-Hankel matrix (Yf,Yp) with shifted blocks of the time series.

for k=1:d

I was wondering if the order within the past-matrix "Yp" is changed due to the LQ-decomposition?
Here, Yp is filled from bottom to top, "max past" is at the bottom "min past" is at the top. As far as I understand some papers "max past" is at the top and "min past" is at the bottom, so that there is only one time shift between the bottom of Yp and the top of Yf when performing Yh=[Yp;Yf]?

Yp could be filled analogue to Yf?:
Yp((k-1)*n_y+1 : k*n_y, :) = sy(:, k : k+N-1);

the results seem to be pretty equal...

Best regards,
Moritz H├Ąckell

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