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27 Oct 2009 ROCout=roc(varargin) compute a ROC curve Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

Hi Giuseppe.
I have had a look at the new release today and I think it is still not perfectly correct. I have validated the scripts using the example data of Hanley and McNeil's 1982 paper: "The Meaning and Use of the Area under a Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve", which seems to be the basis for the calculations (such as the approximation of Q_1 and Q_2) anyways. To my opinion the problem is that when integrating over the ROC curve to compute the AUC, the data point (sensitivity=1, specificity=0) is not considered when using the trapezoidal rule. Consequently the AUC value (and all AUC dependent measures) differ slightly from the example in the mentioned article (which becomes more severe for non-continous tests with only a few cut-off points).


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