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14 Jun 2012 struct2table displays a struct's contents in a clear way... Author: Karl

Suggestion, if user passes a structure with fields of different length, perhaps use the 'median' length to define which fields to automatically display.

At the moment, it just displays field(1) and then exits..
looks good!

21 Apr 2011 HDF5 Read/Write Cellstr Example Demonstrates writing MATLAB cell arrays of strings as variable-length strings to HDF5 files. Author: Jason Kaeding

Nice Solution.

Can be generalized to n x p cellstr if one requires, in its current form the code must be a n x 1 cellstr.

12 May 2010 Panel Like subplot, but easier, and WYSIWYG export to file. Also fixes dashed/dotted lines in export. Author: Ben Mitch

This appears to have good potential but some suggestions;

* Should have a similar interface to subplot
e.g. p = panel(2,2);
which would return a (2,2) array of panel objects
and perhaps some additional parameters for the relative sizing of each subpannel a-la the input for 'pack'

* Implement using a HANDLE class inheritance

* Allow margins to be set individually so that defaults remain
e.g. axismargin(10,[],[].10);

Good luck!

04 May 2010 MAT2XLS v2.0 Stores and customizes numeric array or cell array in Excel workbook using ActiveX interface. Author: Elmar Tarajan

BUG in function ind2range :

If passing column index 26 ('Z'), rolls back to 'A' and then goes to 'AA' for column index 27

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