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02 May 2012 Multiple Precision Toolbox for MATLAB This toolbox defines a new mp class allowing multiple precision objects in MATLAB. Author: Ben Barrowes

Any updates on getting this easily going on Win64 with R2011 or R2012? The pre-compiled binaries are DLLs, I can't seem to load them with newer Matlabs, while the compilation seems to need .def files (libmex.def, libmat.def, etc.) which are unavailable in newer Matlabs.

06 Sep 2011 Plot an ellipse in "center form" Draws 2D and 3D ellipses that are given in "center form". Author: Nima Moshtagh

To plot just circles with "r" radius, pass in eye(2)*(r)^-2 as the covariance matrix. A plot function like this shouldn't change the plot more than it needs to: I disabled the "grid" and "axis" commands. It should also return handles to the plot objects it creates: I had to add this as well. But this code gets me 95% there, thanks.

15 Aug 2011 Multivariate Gaussian Distribution Calculates samples from a multivariate Gaussian distribution. Author: Timothy Felty

Use "x=bsxfun(@plus, x, rmean)" instead of repmat.

11 Dec 2010 XSum Fast Sum with error compensation Author: Jan Simon

Hints on compiling in Linux would be appreciated, from Jan or others. After redefining strnicmp with strcmp, gcc 4.4.1 fails because of undeclared symbols, PC_24, PC_64, PC_53, _control87, and MCW_PC. Thanks.

01 Sep 2010 error_ellipse Plot an error ellipse depicting confidence interval given a covariance matrix. Author: AJ Johnson

Jenn Risk: just use det(CovMatrix) for area/volume.

M ChC, Volkan Ozturk:
figure; handle(1)=error_ellipse(A); hold on; handle(2)=error_ellipse(B); handle(3)=error_ellipse(C); set(handle(2), 'color','r', 'linestyle',':'); set(handle(3), 'color','k', 'linestyle','--');

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