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04 Jan 2013 Spaceplots Customize spaces between subplots in a figure Author: Aditya

When I use image or imagesc with a colour bar I get the following error:

Attempted to access GridLeft(0,4); index must be a positive integer or logical.

Error in spaceplots (line 228)
axLeft = GridLeft(r0,c0) + InsetLeft(r0,c0);

Try this code as an example:

for i = 1:8
subplot(2, 4, i);
imagesc(rand(100, 10));
spaceplots([.01 .01 .01 .01], [.02 .02]);

12 Dec 2009 Comparing Time Series using Semblance Analysis This program shows the correlation between two datasets as a function of both time and wavelength. Author: Gordon Cooper

A very nice method for comparison. In your Computers & Geosciences paper from 2008 you included dot product plots for some of the time series but the code for these plots is not included above. Could you give any pointers on implementing this code?


10 Nov 2009 Force Feedback Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink Force Feedback Toolbox (FFB) can be used with FFB devices and can create FFB effect objects. Author: Chet

Read my last comment. Create a figure window and then pass that to the function.


directm('Figure 1')

One thing I noticed is that you need to rename the directm.dll file as it unzips as DirectM.dll and the functions are expecting the lower case naming.

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