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Chethan C U

Moog India Technology Center
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04 Nov 2013 Screenshot Random Signal generation A compilation of random signal generation scripts that can be used for Testing various algorithms Author: Chethan C U random, testing, model based testing, random signal generat..., verification and vali... 12 0
21 Oct 2013 Screenshot Bench mark script with Simulink, xlsread and xlswrite This bench mark problem was developed to compare the performance of various matlab release versions Author: Chethan C U bench, version comparison, matlab performance 8 0
04 Jan 2013 Screenshot Safety Critical Control Elements Examples The files contained have the examples for safety critical control elements. Author: Chethan C U aerospace, automotive, control design, verification and vali..., safety critical 9 0
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09 Aug 2013 Android Sensor support from MATLAB (R2013a, R2013b) Use MATLAB to acquire sensor data from built-in sensors on your Android device. Author: MathWorks Mobile Sensor Connectivity Team

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