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06 Mar 2013 Embedded Coder Target for Arduino Custom target for Arduno and other processors Author: MathWorks Embedded Coder Team

This also works with (at least) Arduino 1.01 on Mac OS Mountain Lion with the fixes by Stefan Disch and at least:

-Set the comport to whatever is stated in Arduino, usually /dev/tty..., the find comport does not work
-Adapt /arduino/+arduino/runAvrDude.m by removing whatever is in between "-P" and "%s" on line 23
-You will get a check for Arduino.exe, which does not exist. Remove it and set the path with arduino.Prefs.setArduinoPath('/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/')
-Go to the Arduino folder and copy Arduino.h, name it WProgram.h. (whoever decided this was a good idea..)

Good luck.

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