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23 Nov 2010 Truncated Gaussian Generate a pseudo-random vector X drawn from the truncated Gaussian distribution Author: Bruno Luong

Hi Bruno,

Will you generalize this code into the multivariate one?
Trying to generate this kind of numbers, but in high dimensionality. Say something n = [128, 1e6] (rather than n=[1, 1e6].

31 Aug 2010 xml_io_tools Read XML files into MATLAB struct and writes MATLAB data types to XML Author: Jaroslaw Tuszynski

Hi Jarowslaw,

I created an xml file contains of strings and numbers with your io_xml_tools and it works great, thanks alot.
But then I realized that the content of my *.xml file that I saved using xml_write function was changed after reading it through xml_read function. Some of the numbers are changed into characters.

For example: if I wrote
MyTree = [];
MyTree.Mynumber = 1:25000;
MyTree.Mystring = 'Thanks alot for sharing it';
xml_write('test.xml', MyTree)

after reading it through xml_read:
clear all;
The output will be:

MyTree =

Mynumber: [1x138895 char]
Mystring: 'Thanks alot for sharing it'

Where MyTree.Mynumber should be double, not char.

Is there anyway to fix it?


22 Apr 2010 Efficient K-Nearest Neighbor Search using JIT A small but efficient tool to perform KNN search Author: Yi Cao

Hi Yi Cao,
simple question,
why when I used
idx = knnsearch(A,A,2)
will return differently with
idx = knnsearch(A,[],2)?

hope you don't mind to answer it.


26 Nov 2009 Fast Eyetracking Extract feature points from faces to track eye's movement Author: Peter Aldrian

I tried to run these codes, but it failed with the error message below:
??? Error using ==> close>request_close at 185
Undefined function or method 'my_closereq' for input arguments of type 'videoinput'.

Error in ==> close at 99
status = request_close(h);

Error in ==> eyetracking at 17
close all;

Caused by:
Error while evaluating figure CloseRequestFcn

Does somebody have solution for this error?


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