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18 Nov 2009 ParallelC This file allows you to access a virtual Parallels drive while running Matlab on a MAC OSX. Author: Geoffrey virtual drive, parallels, directory 3 0
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26 Sep 2012 Structure Fields To Variables Tool for importing/exporting workspace variables to or from a struct. Author: Matt J

This is a very static solution. An alternative is to use a script to evaluate the structure fields. For example:

%File name assign.m
%This script requires that you have a structure called assignments.
%This script takes the structure: assignments.fieldname
% and writes the variable: fieldname = assignments.fieldname;
%A typical call looks like >> assignments = variablestruct; assign;

for assign_i=1:1:length(assign_field)
eval([ assign_field{assign_i} '=' ...,
'assignments.(assign_field{assign_i});' ]);
clear assign_field assign_i assignments

12 May 2011 Exportfig Functions for exporting figures. Author: Ben Hinkle

Nice utility.

Why have you chosen to ignore the rgb color scheme? Print handles them as a default and I would expect this to as well (or at least an option).

The easiest fix is to take line 282 and replace
args = {args{:}, ['-d' format],'-cmyk'};


args = {args{:}, ['-d' format]};

31 Mar 2011 M-code LaTeX Package Easily include nicely syntax highlighted m-code in your LaTeX documents. Author: Florian Knorn

Thanks Florian, This is a very useful tool!

03 Mar 2011 tick2text: create easy-to-customize tick labels Customized tick marks, maintained on zoom and pan Author: Kelly Kearney

Great program. Thank you. I particularly like the option to use sprintf formatting.

I would appreciate being able to adjust the offset in orthogonal planes. By this I mean being able to apply an x-offset to the y-labels or a z-offset to the x-labels.

04 Feb 2010 Animated GIF How to generate an animated GIF from MATLAB Author: Robert Bemis

It would be nice if I could just feed an argument into a function, but the code is effective and easy to edit.

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