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05 Dec 2009 Matlab 2 Latex A function to convert matlab functions to formatted colored .tex files . Author: Kevin Mader

Dear Mehmet Niyazi CANKAYA:

Try the follwing:


where Script.m is the name of your m-file. and check the same folder where Script.m is stored for a new file titled: Script.tex.

hope this helps!

20 Nov 2009 mpgwrite The MPEG converter takes a MATLAB movie matrix and writes the movie to disk as an MPEG file. Author: David Foti

Dear Mercer,

Im a new user too and wanted to write out how to use this mpg add on. Im using Matlab 7.7 2008b. in Windows XP.
1. download the .zip file with all the .dll and the .m file and the readme and what not
2. extract this to the same directory as where your m-files are saved to. for me this is: C:/ ... my documents/matlab
I just dropped all the files in there.
3. I opened the .m file from matlab. File->open-> mpgwrite.m
4. in the command window I just Ran: >>mpgwrite(F,jet,'movie.mpg');
Where, F is my matrix movie file created already, you should have this already if you see a movie playing. jet is just this Red green blue setting thing that works well, and movie.mpg is the file name of the output movie that is saved to: C:/program files/MATLAB/r2008b/movie.mpg

Hope this helps!

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