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24 May 2014 fminsearchbnd, fminsearchcon Bound constrained optimization using fminsearch Author: John D'Errico

Always good to see Mathworks relying on users to provide such functions...

21 May 2014 3D Polar Plot Plots 3d polar data with polar axis and polar grid Author: Ken Garrard

Reall good script that does pretty much everything I needed. However, when trying to shift the CartOrigin to projected UTM coordinates (i.e. 10^5 on x and 10^6 on y), the mesh is totally disturbed. Any idea where that occurs?

05 May 2014 sanePColor Wrapper for pcolor that behaves similarly to imagesc. Squash OS X Preview's "blurry image" bug! Author: Jeremy Manning

Hey, really cool code. I am trying to input matrices of X and Y to mimic the example of pseudo-polar coordinates shown as an example of the help of pcolor. Is that possible somehow with your code?

21 Jul 2013 OpenStreetMap Functions Load map, extract connectivity, plot road network & find shortest paths from OpenStreetMap XML file. Author: Ioannis Filippidis

Hi there,

This toolbox is brilliant. I was wondering if you saw a way to extract and perform connectivity analysis on a road network that is within an administrative boundary of a given level. I am looking at the API, but fairly new, so still struggling...
Please do let me know if you do, and again, a bunch of thanks!

25 Mar 2013 plot_google_map Plot a google map on the background of the current figure using the Static Google Maps API. Author: Zohar Bar-Yehuda

My mistake, had an old version, updated one works like a charm!

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