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09 Dec 2009 Configurable Simulink Model for DC-DC Converters with PWM PI Control A Simulink model configurable to buck, boost and buck-boost DC-DC converters with PWM PI control Author: Yi Cao

at present i am working on this project "Digital Combination of Buck and Boost Converters
to Control a Positive Buck–Boost Converter and
Improve the Output Transients" can you help with the code or documentation i need simlink for pwm can please reply my mail id is pasumarthi.ram@gmail.com

08 Dec 2009 Implimentation of Delta Sigma Modulator - Simulink Delta-Sigma Modulated Three-Phase Inverter Implementing Space Vector Approach Author: Shaun Gomez

can you send me the base paper. i am now working on a dc link current minimization using current source can you help me . i am in need of text book can you tell me my mail id is pasumarthi.ram@gmail.com please kindly help

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