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26 Jul 2011 Credit Risk Modeling with MATLAB These are the supporting MATLAB files for the MathWorks webinar of the same name. Author: Ameya Deoras

Michael very nice illustration. I got a small point to stress on this part of your code in Credit_VaR:

%% 2. Compute original value of portfolio
OriginalPrices = zeros(size(BondData, 1), 1);
dates = [valDate; valDate+365; valDate+2*365; valDate+3*365];

% The |prbyzero| function in the Financial Toolbox allows us to value
% these bonds.
for idx = 1 : length(Ratings)-1
ratingsMask = BondData.Rating == Ratings{idx};
OriginalPrices(ratingsMask) = prbyzero( ...
[x2mdate(BondData.Maturity(ratingsMask)) BondData.Coupon(ratingsMask)],... %x2mdate was missing
valDate, Rates.(Ratings{idx}), dates);

i think is not very optimal cause it leads to big Memory usage on larger portfolios more than 3K bonds. You can check that for bigger portfolios this is were you have memory problems.

OriginalPrices(ratingsMask) = prbyzero( ...
Ones needs to rewrite this part i guess since the direct assignment of the 0,1s ratings Mask has some problems. What do you think?

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