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Beijing Technology and Business University

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09 Aug 2013 Zernike Moments MATLAB Code for the Fast Calculation of Zernike Moments of order n and repetition m on NxN images. Author: Amir Tahmasbi

Hi Tahmasbi,
Thank you for your code. can u please hepl me to modify your code substituding p(x/a+x1,y/a+x2) to p(x,y),where p(x,y) is original image, x1 and x2 are the centroid of p(x,y),x1=m10/m00,x2=m01/m00,a=sqrt(β/m00),β is a predetermined value. In fact, this is doing scale and translation normalization. Thank you very much.

30 Jul 2013 Image Restoration Restore images degraded due to degradation factors such as motion blur and noise. Author: Prateek Garg

Thank you very much.

03 Dec 2009 Fast Deconvolution Deconvovles one extremely large vector out of another extremely large vector, in reasonable time. Author: Stephen McGovern


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