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28 Dec 2009 filtfilthd Zero-phase forwards/backwards filtering using SP toolbox dfilt filter objects Author: Malcolm Lidierth

Excellent! I hope that Mathworks incorporates this functionality into the dfilt class in the next release of the Signal Processing Toolbox.

10 Dec 2009 Circular Statistics Toolbox (Directional Statistics) Compute descriptive and inferential statistics for circular or directional data. Author: Philipp Berens

Functions do not gracefully handle N-dimensional arrays for powerful MATLAB-style computations; instead, inputs are coerced to be column vectors. There are also numerous errors. One example, in circ_moment.m:
cbar = sum(cos(p*alpha'*w))/n;
(p*alpha'*w) is a SCALAR dot product, so clearly this is not a weighted sum of cosines as it ought to be.
There are many other bugs like this. Please fix!

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