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24 Jul 2014 ScrollPlot - scrollable X/Y axes ScrollPlot adds a scroll sub-window to any supplied plot handles. Author: Yair Altman

Great. The grey overview within the slider strip is very useful for long time series. I used it to identify instrument gremlins in anemometers. Given that wind is inherently variable, it was almost impossible otherwise.

17 Jul 2014 Wind Rose Graph and table for Direction-Intensity data Author: Daniel Pereira

16 Jul 2014 Efficient 2D histogram, no toolboxes needed Creates 2D histogram of scatterplot or lineseries data, really fast, fully featured. Author: Jonathan C. Lansey

22 Feb 2014 Robust smoothing for 1-D to N-D data (easy version of SMOOTHN) EZSMOOTHN allows unsupervised robust smoothing and can deal with missing values Author: Damien Garcia

22 Feb 2014 hexscatter.m Generate a density plot using hexagonal patches. Author: Gordon

Looks like a good idea, usefule for quick explorations. But, for me, it crashes immediately on testing the first example where it returns this error:

Undefined function 'default_param' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in hexscatter (line 39)
params = default_param( varargin, ...

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