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25 Jun 2012 setFigDockGroup Sets a figure's docking group container Author: Yair Altman

This is exactly what I was searching for!

Feature requests:

1) add functionality to close these docked group windows groups! ('close all' doesn't do the trick, as the group container remains)

2) keep the grouped windows from populating Matlab's Desktop menu list (The drop down alongside File | Edit | Debug |... ). It seems to include every single grouped window I create :(

09 Oct 2011 xtickinterval, ytickinterval XTICKINTERVAL forces tick spacing to a specified interval regardless of axis limits. Author: John Barber

This is awesome, thank you so much! One recommendation: It would also be nice to specify the number of yticklabels desired based on the current ylim values vs. just an interval.

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