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17 Apr 2011 Remove Overlappaed Points by Points' Magnitude This code removes the overlapped points within radius < threshold value by using k-D tree. Author: Hyeokjune Jeon

I got the error in remove_overlapregions_kd
??? Error: File: remove_overlapregions_kd.m Line: 17 Column: 3
Expression or statement is incorrect--possibly unbalanced (, {, or [.
"[~,sidx] = sort(ovpeak(:,end),'descend');"
Please tell me how to solve it
Thank in advance

17 Apr 2011 MERGING 3D POINT CLOUDS WITH RADIOMETRIC ENHANCEMENT Modules for radiometric enhancement of colored 3D point clouds by propagating colors Author: Ulas Yilmaz

knnsearch function is missing, please check it again

17 Apr 2011 kd-tree for matlab A kd-tree mex lib which allows for nearest neighbor, k-nearest neighbor, range and ball queries Author: Andrea Tagliasacchi

Hello Mr.Andrea Tagliasacchi, your code is really great but i need some other things. I wonder how i can make the function nearest neighborhood get distances between corresponding pairs. I mean that function's output return not only indexes but also the distances. Thank you in advance for your time

25 Mar 2011 k-D tree Perform closest point search or range query using a k-D tree implementation. Author: Guy Shechter

when I used the function kdtrridex to find closest index in 6-D a space, the one of the return value is 0 and the message "NULL LL" show up. I tracked the source code and found that variable "LL" in run_queries function got the value "NULL" but I don't understand the reason. Someone explain for me please

13 Jun 2010 Particle Filter Color Tracker Tracking an object in a video with a Color Particle Filter Author: Sebastien PARIS

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