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25 Mar 2014 ScreenCapture - get a screen-capture of a figure frame or component ScreenCapture gets a screen-capture of any Matlab GUI handle, or specified screen area rectangle Author: Yair Altman

screencapture(axesHandle,'target','filename.jpg') seems to save an image that's all black. The same thing happens if I give the gcf handle as an input.

The axes is in a gui with many other axes. I use guy layout -toolbox to position everything if that matters anything. I also use openGL renderer as I need transparency but I tried painters with similar results.

If I simply call screencapture() I get the Mouse click -prompt, but when I press ok the prompt and my gui become unselectable. If i press the Matlab-icon in my windows7 toolbar I see a new blank Matlab figure named 'Figure2' in the preview but I can't select it. I can still close it from the red cross and after that the prompt and my gui become selectable once again but no figure is saved of course.

What am I doing wrong?

21 Mar 2014 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

Thanks for the great toolbox!

I use parallel toolbox with my gui when I open matlabpool within the gui and use parfor I get the following warnings:

Warning: com.mathworks.hg.peer.HG1FigurePeer@36300ca7 is not serializable
Warning: Could not deserialize object: java.io.InvalidClassException:
com.mathworks.hg.peer.FigureFrameProxy$FigureFrame; no valid constructor/n

Warning: The following error was caught while executing 'uiextras.Container'
class destructor:
Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar
> In remoteParallelFunction at 49

Should I be worried or can I just suppress these warnings? Everything seems to be working just fine though.

25 Feb 2014 Curly brace annotation Draws curly brace on current figure Author: Pål Næverlid Sævik

Thanks for the nice submission.

Add the possibility to give z-coordinates as well to produce 3d braces and I'll upgrade to 5 stars.

23 Feb 2012 Sparse sub access This package allows to retrieve and assign values of sparse matrix in one shot. Author: Bruno Luong

For more confusion, matlab version 2010a didn't crash in the example above. The 2011b on the otherhand, did.

23 Feb 2012 Sparse sub access This package allows to retrieve and assign values of sparse matrix in one shot. Author: Bruno Luong

This fantastics submission seems to have sort of a bug. I accidentally did the followin: B = setsparse(A,inf,inf,1).
This didn't result in a problem before my function ended and tried to clear the variable B. I know that this is strictly the user's problem but a single check if the indexes are suitable could be useful for other unfortunate fools...

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