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10 Jun 2010 PSNR Calculator Calculates the peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) between two given frames. Author: Karthik MSwamy psnr, image, video, frames, calculator, measurement 28 0
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29 Jul 2013 Focus Measure A function to measure the relative degree of focus of an image. Author: Said Pertuz

Quite a useful tool to measure various focus measures.

30 Jan 2013 Particle Filter Color Tracker Tracking an object in a video with a Color Particle Filter Author: Sebastien PARIS

Excellent code. Works perfect on my Win 8, Matlab 2011b x64. Can you please cite the paper you used for writing this tracker?

16 Aug 2012 Color segmentation by Delta E color difference User draws region and this finds pixels in the image with a similar color, using Delta E. Author: Image Analyst

Works quite well. Well commented.
Can you add the reference to the paper or the math/theory behind this work?

10 Jun 2011 Image Blur Metric Measure the blur level of still image. Author: Do Quoc Bao

Quite an effective metric for measuring blur! Comments and explanation of the code helped.

29 Mar 2011 Learning the Kalman Filter Basic Kalman filter, heavily commented, for beginners to Kalman filtering. Author: Michael Kleder

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