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19 Jun 2014 Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox With Trelea, Common, and Clerc types along with ... Author: Brian Birge


I want to apply PSO to fit kinetic parameters of a system of ODEs. I got the following error when I ran the program. Does anybody know how to fit it? Thank you in advance!

[val] = pso_Trelea_vectorized(@fitness, 2);

-- error message
PSO: 1/2000 iterations, GBest = 1895760000.0007648468.
Error using plot3
Vectors must be the same lengths.
Error in goplotpso (line 23)
Error in pso_Trelea_vectorized (line 344)
eval(plotfcn); % defined at top of script
Error in driver_fitness (line 5)
[val] = pso_Trelea_vectorized(@fitness, 2);

19 Jul 2011 MatlabBGL MatlabBGL provides robust and efficient graph algorithms for Matlab using native data structures. Author: David Gleich

Hi David, I saw there was a discussion about the shortest_length calculation on 10 Feb 2010. I am having the same issue as Feixiong. Would you mind I having a copy of the temporary patched file for calculating shortest path if it's not too much bother? Thank you very much! -Wendy

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