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13 Jan 2010 readtext Any text (file) you give it, readtext returns an array of the contents. You can chose delimiter etc. Author: Peder Axensten

This was a fast solution to problems that I was having with mixed data types (strings and Numeric) in a cell array. Thanks

07 Jan 2010 saveppt This function saves Matlab figure windows or Simulink models to a Powerpoint file. Author: Mark Brown

This is extremely useful.

Does anyone know a good resource for listing ActiveX objects? I'd like to also be able to add slides with text boxes in the body.


05 Jan 2010 subplotPPT Saves multiple MATLAB figure windows to powerpoint giving the user "subplot" style control over thei Author: Mark Hoyle

Very quick and useful. Now if I can only get my colleagues to adopt this as well.

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