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15 Sep 2014 arrow.m Draw a line with an arrowhead. Author: Erik Johnson

I was a bit sceptical, but this is actually a very useful and well-documented function. Many thanks

02 Jun 2014 EPS Utility Toolbox A set of functions to generate publisher-happy EPS images Author: Kesh Ikuma

@Chris - I had the same issue with wma_ fonts (matlab appear to have renamed their fonts at some point, and illustrator seems to demand that the specified font is installed on the system even if it is embedded in the file??).

I solved the problem by [using Mac OS X], by installing TTX and using it to rename my cmr10 and cmmi10 system fonts as mwa_cmr10 and mwa_cmmi10 (and then installing these new fonts). For step by step instructions, see: http://www.fontgeek.net/blog/?cat=7

I also ended up installing FontForge and replacing some of the glyphs in cmmi10, which were a bit wonky in my version (e.g., triangles instead of decimal points)

13 May 2014 interparc Distance based interpolation along a general curve in space Author: John D'Errico


*Extremely* useful, especially in conjunction with distance2curve.m and/or slmengine.m

I owe you many beers(!)

14 Mar 2014 ToleranceFactor ToleranceFactor computes the exact tolerance factor for the two-sided tolerance interval Author: Viktor Witkovsky

Prima facie, this looks well written and well documented. It seems to give results that are highly correlated with, but slightly from, various websites (all of which agree with each other). For example:

>> ToleranceFactorGK(30,.95,.95)
ans = 2.5549

Whereas the following all give it as 2.549
- http://statpages.org/tolintvl.html
- http://www.astm.org/standardization-news/data-points/statistical-intervals-part-3-nd11.html
- http://www.webapps.cee.vt.edu/ewr/environmental/teach/smprimer/intervals/interval.html

The difference is small though, particularly at large N, and any fault may lie with the websites rather than this function (unsure). Any explanation for this difference would be much appreciated.

Thanks for posting

13 Mar 2014 Bland Altman Plot Plots a Bland Altman plot. You can control what is and what is not plotted through 'flag'. Author: David Cumin

I think your calculation of the CR is off (standard deviation is usually corrected by N-1 when using the sample-population. Cf. http://www.medcalc.org/manual/blandaltman.php)

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