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01 May 2010 imagepatch Paste one image over another with an offset, expanding first image as necessary. Author: DS

useful, thanks

28 Apr 2010 Image correspondences using cross-correlation Find matching features in pairs of images using normalised cross-correlation: class file and demo. Author: David Young

Wow, this is great. I'm trying to get similar results for landslide displacements using DEMs quite some time now. And this is faster, more reliably and gave me results straight ahead. Thanks for this. Now I have to modify it a bit for subpixel displacements. The reverse matching sort out nicely mismatches in my case. Is there any reference I can use when I include this in my thesis?

22 Jan 2010 SURFIT Approximation of a matrix via an optimal bipolynomial of user-defined orders. Author: Vassili Pastushenko

Thanks a lot. I searched ages for something simple to remove a linear planar fit from my 2d matrix. And now I can even easily remove higher polynomal orders. I use it before doing image crosscorellation with the dftregistration.

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